Charlotte Knox Gill

I love it when my brides and grooms turn into parents! Morgan brought Charlotte into the studio last week at only two weeks old.  It was so exciting to see two of my favorite clients merge into one. Charlotte is as cute as a button. So far, I think she’s a daddy’s girl!

Waiting for Charlotte to be born and witnessing Morgan’s joy and excitement brought back memories of my first daughter, Sophie. There’s nothing more exciting than the moment you first lay eyes on your child after carrying her around inside you for months. I am so happy for Morgan and Brendan, and so honored to be the one to capture their joy and to document Charlotte’s little life so far!


Mom and Dad on their wedding day!

Morgan and Charlotte captured in the magical window light of our studio; by a small window in a huge, dark room. It reminds me of the light I used to see in doorways of barns out west. I couldn’t recreate it if I tried!

Take 5 for a bottle, Charlotte!

I bought this chair in an antique shop in Wyoming for my daughter Sophie when I was pregnant with her nine years ago. It was my most cherished piece of furniture in both of my daughter’s rooms. The cherry blossom branch may be a little premature….I just can’t help myself. I’m thinking SPRING!!!

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