Kelly and Rob

Kelly and Rob booked me online for their intimate little wedding at one of my favorite venues, the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels. I just couldn’t wait to meet them in person on their wedding day. Their wedding was such a sweet and  fun family affair. If I had to get married all over again, this is the way I would do it!


Kelly’s daughter Claudia was such a sweetheart. She thoroughly enjoyed being her mom’s MOH!

The kids’ reaction to “the kiss” was hilarious!

Kelly and Rob were so in love, and “in the moment” the whole time. I felt so lucky to have caught this moment through the doorway during dinner, but it turns out they kept it up all night long!

I rarely get to use this garden for portraits since it is in full sun during the day. But when we went out at dusk for pictures, I peeked into the garden and was so excited to see how different and gorgeous it looked in the evening.

Also my first time doing pics on a bike at the Inn. I love this shot! Thanks Kelly & Rob for choosing me, and for letting me do “my thing”!

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