Rebecca and Joe

September, 7 2008

A Swanky Jewish Wedding at the Yacht Club

One of the reasons why I love Jewish weddings (aside from the great food and the horah) is because we don’t have to talk the B&G into seeing each other before the ceremony! Jewish tradition dictates it with the signing of the ketubah and the veiling. They are always such beautiful ceremonies to document. So many great moments, details and emotions to capture.

Rebecca and her sister Michelle are so close. I hope my daughters grow up to be so beautiful and best friends, too.

These two are totally in love! David got this nice little moment right when they first saw each other.

We took a walk down Maryland Ave with the wedding party. We posed Joe and Rebecca in the windows of one of the high end boutiques. So vogue!

My new favorite spot for bridal party pics in Annapolis.

Glam girl eyes by Roxy of Hudson & Foquet.

Signing the ketubah at the Annapolis Yacht Club, a great place for a reception, lit by really cool ambient light in the lounge.

The veiling of the bride — how could he not recognize that killer smile?

An unusual pose….it was the only way I could think to fit them together out there without falling into the water!

Why I am not cut out to be a second shooter! Go Dave!

Joe is all smiles, while hanging out on the dock with his bride, in this killer moment by David.

The sushi bar was a hit.

Rebecca and Joe were referred to us by Wedding Savvy, who did a fabulous job putting together this event. Soo Son of Silverstems outdid herself with the flowers!

Mr. Perlmutter’s toast was outrageous. We all rejoiced when it was finally over!

-AR and DSS

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