Dawn and Dustin

Dawn and Dustin’s wedding was such a treat for me and David. Their wedding was so simple, intimate and fun. Small wedding party, simple seated dinner reception at the AYC, but plenty of bling! It was almost surreal ~ it was like a dry run of a wedding instead of the real thing. There was not a moment of stress! Dawn and Dustin and their wedding party were just so much fun, and all laughs. Thanks for choosing us, Dawn & Dustin! We loved being a part of your day.


Flowers by Silverstems.

There is nothing like witnessing and capturing this moment.

Timing is everything; we happened to enter Bancroft Hall (the mess hall and largest dormitory in the world, and also, IMHO, the most beautiful building in the world!) at the same time as thousands of plebes. There went our silhouette shot in the doorway.

Cake by Fiona’s Cakes.

Dawn and Dustin were given the honors of leading Taps by firing the canon that night at the yacht club. Let me just say that that little canon really packs a punch. It was LOUD! Next time I know to ask for earplugs!

Jerzy Modrak - beautiful wedding!October 24, 2011 – 11:04 AM

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