Lexie + Mike = Bailey!

It’s hard to believe Lexie & Mike’s wedding was back in 2008.  So many of their wedding images have become almost iconic ~ lining the walls of my studio, my website, and most recently gracing the cover of an Annapolis wedding brochure. Since their big day, Mike and Lexie have been VERY busy.  In addition to starting a family with little Bailey Marie, Lexie is finishing up her law degree at University of Baltimore School of Law, while Mike, a Harrier Jet pilot for the Marine Corps, has been training for his second deployment to Afghanistan this summer.

Lexie says that after four years of this crazy life, they are still helplessly in love, and she still gets butterflies when she thinks of Mike. I believe it! After almost thirteen years of marriage, I feel the same way about my husband. When he has to work late just one night, my girls and I miss him so much. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the military wives who live without their husbands for so many months…where do they find the strength? I always believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder…and Lexie & Mike are living proof!

I don’t have much time for baby and family portraits these days, but I always make time for a couple like Lexie & Mike. It has been such a thrill seeing the result of their marriage and documenting little Bailey’s life so far, from my studio at 8 weeks, to their own neighborhood at 6 months, to the beautiful Naval Academy just recently at 2 years old. Looking at all of these images together is like watching a time lapse movie of a flower in bloom. Simply amazing.



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