Francie & Family

Her Time has Come!

My neighbor Francie has three boys and was pregnant with a girl when I met her. Her first girl and final baby…we just had to document this special time in her and her boys’ lives. Francie and Scott were quite nervous about the whole thing….just getting three rambunctious boys to sit still for 5 minutes is almost impossible. Well, it was nothing short of a miracle.

We did it! (okay, maybe it wasn’t 5 minutes, but 1/125 of a second?!)

At the end of the session we sent the boys home and had some quiet time with Francie. I love these portraits of her SO MUCH. We brought sexy back for Francie.

On my way home I passed her house, and there she was, reverted into “mom mode”, sitting in the yard in her sweats, reading a magazine while the kids ran around. Her time to shine as a beautiful, sexy woman was short lived, but the images will last forever.



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