Lisa & Leland

I felt a deep connection to Lisa before we met or even spoke on the phone because her wedding plans were simliar to my own wedding back in 1999 in Wyoming. An intimate gathering of family members in a rustic, lodge setting by a creek on a mountaintop, followed by a gourmet meal and lots and lots of bubbly…..this is my kind of bride!

Lisa & Leland’s warm and free spirits not only attracted each other, but the executive director of Thorpewood, who lent them his beautiful home for their wedding since the main lodge was booked on the day we wanted to have the wedding. (yes, I got to help choose their wedding date) It was such an honor to be the one to capture their day and to tell their love story, as well as to be included in the guest list (of 9 people!) for a gourmet dinner by Chef Jason of Canapes.

Lisa & Leland and their two sons are simply a match made in heaven, and I wish them all the best for a lifetime of more love, laughter & happiness together!

To read more about their love story, check out yesterday’s Sunday Style section in the Washington Post!



Lisa McLaughlin - Amy Rabb is AWESOME!!! :)June 19, 2012 – 7:29 AM

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