Katie & Scott

We have been so incredibly busy creating and editing so many thousands of wedding images since September that I haven’t been able to take the time to blog in months. And now with the holiday season in full swing, the pressure is really on to meet deadlines…but I just HAD to take some time out today to post Katie & Scott’s most amazing Kiwi American destination DIY detail and food obsessed LOVEFEST!

Heading down to Katie’s parents’ summer home at the southern tip of Maryland that day, I was feeling especially anxious. Arianne and I had a two hour drive, over the Solomon’s Island Bridge. Scary. We were armed with a very detailed schedule of events from A Trendy Wedding, including a huge wedding party and three pages of “must have” detail shots. Also scary. I barely knew a thing about the bride and groom, since we had only met once via Skype. We would soon learn that Katie & Scott, aka “Skatie”, are an incredibly fascinating and fun couple. Katie; an evolutionary biologist, and Scott; a designer and engineer, have a love story spanning from Cambridge, England to the Kalahari Desert of Africa to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their wedding would be bursting at the seams with handcrafted details by the groom and tons of love from an amazing worldwide collection of friends and family.

We hit the ground running and rose to the challenge of documenting Skatie’s love for each other, their family & friends and every last detail of their day! Driving home that night, I realized that Arianne had performed the superhuman job of being my second and third shooter. She is truly amazing.

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