Jahnna & Josh’s engagement

Last Saturday, I got to hang out with Jahnna, Josh and their dog, Zoe, to shoot their engagement photos. We had a blast! The shoot was at the Robert E. Lee Park in Baltimore city, one of the few parks to allow dogs. And were there dogs at the park, you ask? You bet!! We were interrupted at least half a dozen times by crazed dogs running up to me, since I had treats in my pocket to entice Zoe(she likes PB). Needless to say, I tried my best to maintain my professionalism while being run over by dogs.

Jahnna and Josh were fabulous for the shoot. We just hung out and they opened up for me as the shoot went along. They are having a July 4th wedding, with all the guests heading to the Inner Harbor for fireworks afterward. Sounds like the big day will be a blast!




Giving Zoe some much needed attention, since she is so lonely!


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