Lauren & Craig

The thing I love most about this time of year is having the time to reflect on the previous year’s work. During the wedding season, we create and edit thousands of wedding images every week and then quickly have to move onto the next one. As much as we wedding photographers love our work, I think it’s safe to say that editing a wedding every week is totally grueling! But once we have our favorites picked out, the agony is over. Designing albums and blogging is just pure fun. It’s the creative work that drove us into photography in the first place.

I barely had a chance to take a second look at Lauren and Craig’s ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS wedding at Brittland Manor last fall. Looking through all of the beauty, joy and outrageous fun that Arianne and I captured has been such a blast! I got it down to about 70 favorites. I know…too many…but I love them all!


Amie Decker Beauty              Ken’s Creative Kitchen               The Prop Stop Photo Booth                  Dave Tieff

Many many thanks to Arianne Teeple for her invaluable assistance and beautiful work. Looking forward to another exciting year!


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