Palen and Kevin

Fall Season Finale

Everyone that knows Palen knows that she had been planning her wedding since she was two years old. Such pressure to be her photographer! Thankfully I had my colleague and friend Kathy Blanchard with me on the job. Aside from the torrential downpour that soaked us and the wedding guests moments before the ceremony started…it was a perfect day. I know that no one wants it to rain on their wedding day, but there’s something about it that brings people even closer, like hard times do. And once we’ve all survived the day and dried off, there’s even more reason to just “tie one on” (as Palen’s father referred to it) and celebrate the good times!


Palen and her mom share a moment before she gets into her dress.

Palen’s sister Whitney helps with the final touches.

Kathy captured this moment as Palen’s dad sees her for the first time.

Palen and Kevin see each other for the first time. Emotions were running high all day… what a relief for them to be together and chill out for a few minutes!

Palen’s entire kindergarten class attended the ceremony. It was hilarious. They could hardly contain themselves before the ceremony started!

The man behind the meals: Ken Upton, Palen’s godfather. His staff took care of dinner while he got to enjoy the reception as an honored guest.

Kevin and his siblings are so close, too. They are all such great friends.

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