Great Frogs Winery

So there’s this beautiful vineyard in my neighborhood on Harness Creek Road. I ride my bike past it all the time and wonder who is making wine here, and how can I get in to check it out?! Then I meet Ben at the farmer’s market. He is wearing a Red Sox cap and pouring wine out of the back of his awesome green truck. I buy a bottle of chardonnay with the classic sepia toned Charles Emery image of the Chesapeake Bay oystermen on the label and bring it to an amazing sunset dinner with my family on a friend’s boat. The next week I go back and am smitten again by their dessert wine served with caramel & sea salt covered chocolate chunks. Now it’s high time I use my photojournalistic skills to weasel my way onto the property.

As luck would have it, this is a great time to come out. They are harvesting the grapes right now! Unfortunately most of the work is done in the dark; from midnight to sunrise, but I work with Ben’s brother Nate to find a time when they start picking early so I can photograph it. More great luck ~ it’s a gorgeous evening, and a few friends and neighbors are already there helping with the harvest. I only had an hour to stay since I had to go home and fix dinner for my family, but I had such a great time learning all about what’s happening on the other side of the fence, and I will be back to capture more images of how this fabulous award winning wine ~ Great Frogs ~ is being made right in my backyard.

Thanks Nate for leaving the gate open for me!

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