Becky and Chris

I’ve been looking forward to Becky and Chris’s wedding with no worries since doing their engagement session late last fall. I walked away from that day in Cambridge with so many gorgeous images, and a great feeling about their wedding. Their laid back attitudes, love for each other and fun loving families (oh yeah, and their stunning good looks!) combined with gorgeous Eastern Shore scenery and flowers by Jo would no doubt be one of our best weddings ever. Here are some of our many faves!

-AR and DSS

Ready for action! David and I arrived at the Chesapeake Hyatt at the same time as the guys. We walked in together and I ran ahead to get this shot of them coming down the hall.

I love it when the groomsmen look like male models….


Becky and Chris’s “first sight”. It was really romantic, plus a great relief for Becky and Chris to decompress together before heading over to Clearview at Horn’s Point for the ceremony.

One can only guess what Becky is thinking, watching her dad practice his golf swing moments before walking her down the aisle!

I must say, I really nailed “the handoff”! This shot is always so hard to get. Becky, Chris and his dad all appear to be in the spotlight, and the pastor and groomsmen are all watching intently but in the shadows. And Chris’s expression is so intense, and handshake so firm, with his other hand reaching out for Becky. I love how it tells the story of the day in one image.

Becky’s veil only lasted a few minutes into the ceremony before blowing off and flying away in the breeze. I begged her to put it back on for a few minutes following the ceremony. I had this vision of her and Chris walking by the water’s edge with her veil blowing in the breeze… try wearing this thing!

Flowers by English Rose Floral Design, and cake by Bay Country Bakery.

The night was fabulous, not a cloud in the sky!

The winner of the most fun mother-of -the-groom goes to Anna Brohawn! Woo hoo! And the best dancing father-of-the-bride award goes to John Young!

Right Foot Red rocked the house. Way to party like a rock star!

One of the groomsmen even joined in with the band on drums for a few songs!

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