Sarah and Joe

Sarah and Joe live in NYC, and decided to celebrate their marriage in Sarah’s hometown of Annapolis among their immediate family and a few of their closest friends.  A small, intimate wedding is always a nice change of pace. It usually entails the added bonus of a low maintenance bride, but Sarah was a NO maintenance bride. Jo and I didn’t even meet her until the day of  her wedding! She and her mom gave us carte blanche to create and capture the day as we wished.  Ah, yes, it was just too good to be true; the sky was dark and ominous all day until about 5 o’clock when it opened up into a torrential downpour that lasted almost all night.  But Sarah and Joe were just so happy and madly in love that nothing could have dampened their spirits!


Sarah looked so beautiful getting dressed at her mother’s vanity. I can see this picture framed among the rest of the vintage family photographs on the wall.

Jo of English Rose Floral Design had so much fun with Sarah’s color scheme and contemporary style.

Miraculously, it let up to a light drizzle just when we arrived at the Annapolis Yacht Club, and we were able to get the classic Annapolis images we had envisioned.

This is the image they used on the invitation to their reception in NYC. You can see how soaking wet the dock is, and the sun is setting behind the yacht club. Our timing was impeccable!

Sarah wore a fragrant gardenia in her hair.

What’s fine dining in Maryland without a cup of cream of crab soup?

Nite nite.

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