Shannon & Dino’s engagement

Every year some couple gets lucky enough to schedule their portrait session on the last brilliant day of fall foliage. Fall is my favorite season, and I just hate to let a beautiful Sunday go by without someone to photograph!

Last year was a double whammy for me at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis; Shannon and Dino had their engagement session, and then David and his family met me afterward for a romp in the leaves for their family Christmas card.

Shannon and Dino’s wedding is coming up on May 31st, and I am so excited! They are young, happy and in love … and their wedding is going to be so beautiful. I’m extra fired up for their big day since my friend and colleague, Kathy Blanchard, is going to make a special guest appearance as my second shooter.





 My associate, David Spence, and his family, Molly and Jackson, asked me to do their family picture last year, of course I said "Yes!"







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