David and I shot Jess and Greg’s wedding over two years ago. It was one of our all time favorites! (this was during the pre-blog era, but they are one of the featured weddings on my website) I was so thrilled to hear from Jess when she contacted me to do a family portrait session with their new baby, Colton. While doing the pumpkin patch circuit with my kids this fall, I  discovered this little farm. I was thrilled to be able to go back and photograph such a beautiful family there.

I feel like a proud Grandma when I look through these images! I am so happy for Jess and Greg. Nothing in life can compare to the experience of being new parents. It is such an emotional rollercoaster. What grounds you every day when you look at your child is an overwhelming mixture of awe, love and joy.

You think you love your husband or wife more than anything in the world, and then along comes this beautiful baby, and your love just multiplies more than you could ever have imagined. Being a parent is the most amazing thing!


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