Meredith and Joe

Meredith and Joe were blessed with the perfect crisp fall day for their wedding at the Chesapeake Hyatt Resort in Cambridge. Their Jewish ceremony was filled with so many beautiful and meaningful details. They also provided us with a gorgeous color scheme and fine details…we especially loved the brown suits!

I think Meredith, Joe and I bonded over the fact that my husband and I are also “Cashews”. (Catholic + Jew)  We made our own chuppah as well, but I don’t think my husband smashed our glass with quite as much gusto as Joe did on his wedding day!


Meredith was such a stunning bride. I could have spent hours photographing her alone. (maybe I did?!)

Meanwhile, down in the lobby…..Kathy, my second shooter who filled in for an out-of-commission David, was getting creative with the guys and the great decor while waiting for me.

Meredith and Joe’s “first sight”.

Kathy hoofed it all the way upstairs during the ceremony to photograph the procession from above.

We are going to get a lot of inquiries about this chuppah, made by Jim Gray at City Florist….it is so beautiful and rustic.

Kathy caught this sweet moment just before they kissed.

We were hoping to get a nice sunset shot…and we did! Timed just perfectly before heading to join the cocktail reception.

Cake by Bay Country Bakery

Joe and Meredith’s families get acquainted with each other through family pictures.

Evan from got the party rockin with the Horah.

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