Taylor and James

My first wedding of 2010 ended up being not only one of my favorites, but without a doubt the coldest! Another amazing Naval Academy wedding awaited myself and Missy as we braved sub-freezing temperatures all over Annapolis.

Taylor and James, you two are gorgeous and amazing! Thanks for being troopers while Missy and I ran you around in the frigid cold!


Taylor was all smiles, all day long!

The light coming in the windows at the Loews Annapolis was amazing!


Taylor and the bridesmaids braved the cold with us to have the first look at Bancroft Hall.

Taylor’s dad was the commander of the regiment for his graduating class at the Academy. James’ dad is an Annapolis grad too!

On our walk back to the chapel, we ran into a bunch of middies, and they all saluted and congratulated James! It was really cool to see!

Normally, you are not permitted to shoot any photos in the chapel, since they have back to back to back weddings every weekend. But this day both scheduled weddings before ours had been cancelled or changed. So… the chapel was ours to shoot all the family portraits! Yay! Just a perfect backdrop for two families with naval backgrounds!

Missy got this nice little detail of one of the sword arch guy’s gear. Love it!

It’s hard to tell who is happier, Taylor or her dad! Looking good!

After a long renovation, the Naval Academy chapel is fully open for business! WOW! AMAZING!

Love this little moment Missy captured right after the ceremony.

Everyone braved the cold again for the traditional sword arch.


Once again Bancroft Hall yielded awesome photos!


Charm City Cakes did this sweet groom’s cake for James. It’s the plane he will be flying! Cool!

Another nice moment by Missy, right before they were introduced.

Mutual Fun provided the awesome tunes!

All of Taylor’s sorority sisters posed for a pic, including Grandma!

Those aviators know how to dance…

…and get a little crazy!

James surprised Taylor with a little “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin'”.

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