Meghann and Brian

I first met with Meghann and Brian way back in the spring and have been waiting for this wedding all year, my final one of 2009. WOW! Wendy and I had the time of our lives and came out with loads of awesome images. From start to finish, the day – and the couple – was a blast.

Thank you for being fantastic, Meghann and Brian!


Marikle Chapel at the College of Notre Dame is unassuming from the outside, but once you go inside, it is amazing!

The light coming in the huge windows outside the chapel was amazing! Gorgeous!

Look at these cuties! Such faces!

Wendy hung out with the boys beforehand, here getting a nice shot of our groom.

The interior of Marikle Chapel is just unbelievable.

I love this image! It is so timeless and totally captures these two on their big day.

The flowers were by Karen Lock at Flower Markets. Interesting fact: Meghann and her three sisters all worked for Karen as teenagers!

The fall colors were popping out of control! Awesome!

After arriving at the Mansion House in Druid Hill Park, we hopped in a super-deluxe golf cart and rode around taking pics in theMaryland Zoo.

OMG! I am so happy the wedding party came all the way down the hill for this shot. Thanks guys, you made my day!

A little pink flamingo lovin’!

All the boys looked snazzy in their bow ties, and totally fit with the timeless feel of the day.

The toasts were awesome, everybody was rolling!

My cake shot…

…and Wendy’s take.

Meghann and her proud papa.

Brian and his mom getting down.

Party time!

Meghann and Brian were good sports and did one last take for us out front. Perfect!

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