Wedding Philosophy

We love being a part of the most important occasion in someone’s life. It is wonderful to be able to witness so much joy and happiness under the pretense of work! It is a thrill and an honor for us.

The enjoyment we take in our work also comes with an enormous responsibility. A wedding can fly by in a flash. We strive to take advantage of every second by being aware of what happens around us at all times. Our goal is to capture the beauty, romance and spirit of the day in an artistic, photojournalistic and unobtrusive way.

We want our pictures to bring the bride and groom back to their wedding day and evoke the emotions they felt at the moment the images were captured. The bride and groom can relive their own experience and also see what they missed — from the behind-the scenes emotions of their family and friends to the many details that they so thoughtfully prepared over many months of planning.

We consider our style to be a blend of photojournalism, fine art and traditional photography. Thank you for taking the time to look at our work. We hope you enjoy it.

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