Kristi and Chris

Kristi and Chris ~ what a wonderful whirlwind experience! They found me only a few months before their wedding, and between our busy schedules and the two of them living apart between Bethesda and New York, we barely had time to squeeze in their engagement session. That day was a great introduction to Kristi & Chris, but only the tip of the iceberg. It was as if their true personalities, style, and passion for each other just exploded in my face on their wedding day! Again, eight hours: never enough time to capture so much love, joy & beauty, but Alison and I gave it our best shot! (pun intended)


Exquisite flowers by Eufloria.

I just loved Kristi’s color scheme of brilliant blues, purples and green.

Oh, the drama in the cottage…

We laughed till we cried, or was it cried till we laughed?

Regardless, thank goodness for Marti and her incredible make-up job…just look at these gorgeous eyes!

Great shots by Alison of the guys.

As always gorgeous light at one of our favorite venues, The Oaks Waterfront Inn!

Drew Vanlandingham of Vanlandingham Design Studio simply went over the top producing this wedding, and then jumping in to sing Ave Maria for the ceremony..too much!

Trying to capture the room during the cocktail hour was so overwhelming, and then we saw the full moon rising over the water and just HAD TO get this shot…all while the clock was ticking down to the intros. So stressful!

The Swedish Fish that kept me going during the many hours of editing…

DJ Jacob spinnin the tunes.

Ok, this is a first for me, and maybe Jacob and David (who is catching the spectacle on video for Blue Sky Films), too. Not only was the Chicken Dance on the playlist, but the Groom and Groomsmen requested it as their special song. Love you Kristi & Chris!!!

Kristi - Amy- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You even made my “tears” beautiful… even though it was drama for awhile in the cottage!!! We love the pictures and are so happy that we found you to photograph our wedding!!! Our friends and family are just gushing over the pictures!!!
Thanks again!! We love them and you!!!

Kristi and ChrisJanuary 30, 2011 – 9:45 AM

Sha - Wow! These pictures are AMAZING! Kristi you look beautiful! I wasn’t able to make it, and these pics are so great that I almost wished I would have ditched my mom to come… Thank you so much for sharing your bliss with us! Nice work Amy! You are a rockstar!January 31, 2011 – 11:04 AM

Jacob Jensen - Wow Amy! These pictures really do capture Kristi and Chris’ day! And yes, I have never seen anybody get down to the Chicken Dance like that!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

Jake (the DJ)February 1, 2011 – 12:19 PM

tracey - Gosh I loooooooooooooooooooove the pics. I could have kept commenting on all the ones I thought were just gorgeous. You know me – I never cry – and I was getting teary eyed looking at these.

I mean I can feel the happiness and love from the picture. I know it sounds cheezy but its true! I am so happy for you. I am so glad I got to be there and see you get married! :)

 February 2, 2011 – 5:51 PM

Marien and Jess

Marien and Jess know how to have a good time! Their whole wedding day was centered around one thing, having fun. And fun was had! Alison and I loved being a part of their special day, everyone was incredibly gracious to us, a big part of us loving our work! Thanks again to all the other vendors for making the day “click” and end up being perfect in so many ways!

The gorgeous couple.

The girls had a pre-wedding toast, yippee!

First sight out under the amazing trees at the Oaks.

Alison’s nice shot of the guys.

Now that’s a wedding party!

The girls getting silly pre-ceremony.

Marien and Jess got married out on the dock at the Oaks, what a cool place for a ceremony!

Gorgeous shot, Alison!

The guests were treated to the sounds of this trio, cousins and uncle of the bride, during the ceremony and again at the reception. BTW, they rocked!

During our phone consult a few weeks before the wedding, Marien and Jess floated the idea of doing a “silly mustache photo.” Of course I was all for it, we love wacky/silly ideas! Here it is! LOVE IT! You guys are so fun!!!

Alison caught them smooching with the crazy huge mustaches, hah!

What a unique cake! We loved the idea to put a saying all around the cake. Beautiful!

Marien’s mother, Debra, made these super cool looking meringue mushrooms as the favor. Fun!

The eight bridesmaids did a great toast to the couple, each taking turns at a little poem they wrote. Yay!

Once again, the music was pumping and the party was rocking thanks to Anthony from MyDeejay!

Thank you for being an amazing couple, Marien and Jess!

Jenny & Seth in Washingtonian Magazine!

Happy 2011! Our camera gear is enjoying a well deserved winter’s rest from all the excitement of last year’s busy fall season. Come to think of it, our eyes are taking a break, too. It’s sort of nice to just look at grey, drab scenery for a few months between the overwhelming brilliance of the fall and spring colors.
We ended 2010 on a high note by seeing our own Jenny & Seth’s wedding images in the “Real Wedding” section of the esteemed Washingtonian Bride and Groom Magazine, as well as on their blog!
We were also awarded “Editor’s Pick” in the magazine’s “Ultimate Wedding Guide”. Not too shabby!
It’s going to be another great year filled with so many fun couples, and an abundance of beauty & joy.
We are looking forward to feasting our eyes on it all!

Natalie and Adam

Since Natalie and Adam currently live in London, they planned their wedding online and with recommendations from friends. Many thanks to Lillian and Bradon Rice for referring David and me after we shot their wedding back in 2007! Adam and Natalie and their families were so wonderful to work with. Their wedding was just brimming with joy and laughter right from the start. Just looking through the images makes my sides hurt. I can only imagine how Natalie and Adam felt the next day!
-AR and DSS
Natalie gave Adam a really nice Rolex watch for the wedding day! He loved it!
The men looked smashing in their tuxes!
It was tough scouting out locations for their “first sight” since the grounds of Gramercy Mansion are filled with so many beautiful spots. I just loved this little garden with arbor.
When the moment finally came, the backlighting was glorious! And Adam’s reaction was priceless. I think he likes!
Do not mess with the very official ringbearer!
Cantor Jan Morrison, from Columbia Jewish Congregation, performed such a personal and loving ceremony.
You know it’s going to be a wild night when the parents’ generation is just as stoked to party as the kids are, AND there’s going to be a horah!
So glad to be out of the danger zone up on my stepladder!

Katie and Jay

Katie and Jay certainly had their priorities straight when they were planning their wedding: indulging with friends, family, flowers, food, and fine wine….four of the greatest joys in life! Oh, and we mustn’t forget dogs and horses. (if only they started with the letter F, it would be so perfect…)
Well, the letter of the day is still F, for Francella! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness, Mr. & Mrs. Francella!
-AR and DSS
The bouquets by Cynthia of Flower Follies were filled with a variety of so many gorgeous and unusual white flowers.
Feelin’ the family love!
We had so much fun with the wedding party about town in Annapolis before heading to Katie’s backyard reception.
Got beer. Now what?
…Use it as a step ladder, of course!
Love the carnation horseshoes for Katie and Jay, who are both horse trainers.
The food by Tapenade was simply over the top in presentation and taste. (thanks Rafael 😉
Katie, Jay and Wyatt, the happy threesome.
Wyatt made himself at home, making sure to check out everyone’s plates!
Wait a minute…is this a frat party or a wedding?
Sorry dad, she’s grandpa’s little girl, too!
We were amazed at what Rafael and his staff dished out from behind the big top; fresh cotton candy, chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven, tres leches cake, mini pies….a virtual circus act of desserts!

Katie Francella - WE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!!! Thanks so so much!!!!! It was an amazing day and these pictures capture it wonderfully!December 1, 2010 – 9:33 PM

Laura Sweeny - the picture of wyattt jumping next to the little girl in the red dress is on od the best photos iv’e ever seen….these are incredible they look like they belong in Martha !!!!December 5, 2010 – 5:52 AM

Carolyn Steinberg - Amy….the series of pictures with the dog, Wyatt, are priceless….so unique but so natural… and such fun moments in their day….are you always in the right place or what???….Raabid fan, CarolynJanuary 13, 2011 – 4:53 PM