Claire and Jason

Claire and Jason, what can I say…simply one of the coolest couples ever! I loved getting to know them during their engagement session last fall, and working with the wonderful Jamie Sears on the wedding plans was just so much fun. I was so excited, yet nervous, when their wedding day finally came, because I knew that it was going to be a crazy day with so much beauty to capture ~ from the Ritz Carleton Hotel to Meridian Hill Park to Dahlgren Chapel to the Newseum ~ and so many gorgeous details along the way! Many thanks to Jamie for facilitating our jobs, and to my second shooter Alison for pacifying me!

Claire’s suite at the Ritz was so gorgeous ~ all natural window light. She looked stunning already in her flannel shirt and jeans when I walked in the door. Kim Steele was there getting the ladies all dolled up!

Jason and the guys rendevous with Jamie for the “first sight” at Meridian Hill Park.

Jason was totally loving the spotlight!

We’re late, we’re late, for a very important date!

Alison and I got some really cool shots at the park, despite the blazing sun and crowds. We had 45 minutes to shoot there, but it ended up feeling like 5 minutes.

Gorgeous flowers by Philippa Tarrant Floral Design.

The same moment from two different angles….cool!

This is one happily married man.

Yummy food by Wolfgang Puck Catering!

Again, never enough time, but we totally rocked the room and detail shots!

The highlight of the evening; Jason and his sister Nadeya’s tribute to their late father who loved singing his heart out to “American Pie'” on family road trips. The whole crowd joined in to belt out the words to the song. Talk about feeling the love…it was such an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Cupcakes for breakfast from Fluffy Thoughts. Yum!

Carolyn Steinberg - ….I think I have a new favorite florist…!….love the shot in the back of the limo…pure joy !…such a pretty wedding…..January 13, 2011 – 4:58 PM

Briana and Bill

Not enough words can describe the amazingness of our day with Briana and Bill. Everything – from the small details to the weather – was perfect! Set in Briana’s parents’ wonderful backyard, the wedding felt like a fairytale. Gorgeous light and gorgeous people were the rule of the day. My assistant and incredible second-shooter, Missy, and I had a blast the entire time, and were made to feel part of the family. Thank you for being beyond amazing, Briana and Bill!


Loving the place cards!

Looking good, Bill!


Island Flowers provided the amazing flowers. The blues matched perfectly to Briana’s shoes and sash!

There’s that gorgeous light!

These two were just full of smiles all day long!

Family hug!

Missy crawled all through the bushes to get this shot! Go, Missy!

Everyone was using Mason jars for drinks from the bar by Palate Pleasers. Awesome!

Everyone, including Bill and Briana, was out on the dancefloor all night long.

Missy and I had some fun at the end of the evening with “light painting!”

The Groah Family

My photographer friend Connie Groah of Barefoot Photography and I decided to do a family portrait swap this fall. I think it was a mutually daunting task for both of us! All of our kids are either in the hide-the-new-teeth fake smile phase, or let’s just be goofy to frustrate the photographer! I think the latter is what we are really looking for, since bringing out childrens’ true personalities is what we strive to do with our clients.  I’ll take goofy over fake any day!

Kristin and Eddie

I knew Kristin and Eddie’s wedding was going to be a blast from the moment I met Kristin and her mom, Leigh, at my studio. For almost a year following our meeting, I had a vision of smiles, dimples, beautiful baby boy, beach party and flip flops when I thought of September 10, 2010. I guess you could say I was looking forward to their big day! They definitely succeeded at their goal of making their wedding sheer fun! And the light was AMAZING….the evening sun hitting dramatic, rolling clouds over the Bay…..oh, what a night!


Kristin’s friend Kari opened up her gorgeous home on the water for the girls’ prep with Amie Decker Beauty.

Little guy did not want the tie!

First sight on the beach at the fabulous Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Get with the program: kick off your shoes and grab a beer!

My second shooter Alison did her thing with the kids while I did the group shots on the beach before the ceremony.

Lots of laughter during this ceremony.

Incredible flowers by Sandi’s Flower Shop!

Kristin, Eddie and Grady, the happy family.

Kristin had some really gorgeous and simple details…yes, that’s a fish!

OK…time to put the kids to bed…this party’s just getting started, with music by C&J Entertainment!

Sarah Jane and Sam

At the risk of sounding cliche, I have to say that Sarah Jane and Sam had a total fairytale wedding! EVERYTHING was perfect: fun, easy and beautiful. We could not have created a more perfect wedding if we tried. Thanks Sarah Jane & Sam for being you, and for choosing us!

-AR and DSS

The flowers by English Rose Garden were so simple, stunning and elegant.

Yep, their wedding date in billiard balls. Great thinking, Dave!

The light in the rooms and the courtyard of the Westin Grand Hotel is just amazing! Sarah Jane & Sam’s first sight was incredible.

Sam was in total awe of his beautiful bride.

Fun with the wedding party and wide angle lens in the lobby.

I’d love to know what they were talking about!

This group takes their fun very seriously. They were so zany and entertaining with lots of tricks up their sleeves.

The cake and flowers looked so gorgeous. Thanks to the hotel’s coordinator, Kristen, for arranging the calla lilies and orchids so incredibly perfect!

We usually say a big NO to “table shots”, but made an exception for this one of Sarah Jane’s parents and their friends.

DJ Brennan cranked out oldies all night long (also lots of good tunes from the 60’s, too…but I can’t call those oldies yet. That will make me feel old!) the dance floor was packed, and people were dancing in their seats. Oh what a night!

Sarah Jane - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys are both AMAZING! We couldn’t be happier with how these turned out, and can’t wait to show everyone! : )October 22, 2010 – 6:42 PM