Adrienne and Heath

Adrienne and Heath’s wedding turned out to be such an amazing event. I had no doubts that the mother of the bride, Jackie, would stage a top notch production. Adrienne is the youngest of three girls, so her mom is no novice to wedding planning! She told me that they have a large, close-knit, fun loving family, and she meant it! I knew we’d be feeling the love, and fearing the horah!


I love this suite at the Westin. It’s all windows and clean, modern decor. The North and Dreyfuss ladies were all so fun and gorgeous. Sometimes my job is just so easy!

Gorgeous flowers by Janet Flowers!

We staged their “first sight” under the loggia across from the hotel. It was just as romantic as I had envisioned.

Heath circles his bride three times as part of a Jewish wedding tradition which symbolizes the creation a sacred space for a couple’s marriage.

I must say that the horah is scary…. for the bride, and for the wedding photographer!

The band, Amaretto, rocked the house all night long, even breaking out on the dancefloor with guests!

Thanks to Marshall Levy of Maverick Productions for all his help throughout the day! We love working with awesome videographers like Marshall!

Little Bailey Marie

Little Bailey Marie is six months old already. Isn’t she scrumptious?! It’s just impossible to resist squeezing those arms and legs. Lexie suggested doing her portrait at a little park by the water in Annapolis that I had never been to. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to shoot there again! Bailey’s grandparents and great grandmother stopped by to help out and stepped in for a few shots. The four generations of girls is just priceless.

Aimee and Virak

Aimee and Virak’s 4th of July bash was a sensational event. It was clear to me when I did their engagement session that their wedding was going to be out of the ordinary. Their different cultures and personalities make them such a unique couple. Like fried ice cream, Virak’s signature dessert, as Aimee’s MOH so aptly put it in her toast! Aimee’s mom Debby put together an amazing ensemble of vendors who created so much joy and beauty for us to capture. Oh, what a night!

-AR and DSS

All the lovely ladies had a blast getting dolled up at the house with Amie Decker and crew!

Flowers by Soo Son at Silver Stems.

Virak is a bit of a DJ himself and had some of his gear pumping some awesome tunes while the guys got ready. Kinda like the juxtaposition of the flowers and the headphones.

Virak’s dad was such a riot! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his fedora!

Too cool for school. Looking good guys!

Aimee and Virak had their “first sight” on the rooftop deck at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. We did all of the group shots and a sneak preview of the tables before the guests arrived. We were so grateful for this time since there were so many gorgeous details to record.

Oops! Aimee’s brother’s rental tux shoe came completely apart! So, being his own cobbler, he glued them up!

Poor little flower girl was terrified to walk down the aisle. She was on the verge of crying.:(

Ok, private joke…think VOGUE supermodels gone bridal!

We were all so captivated by Cambodian dancers who came to honor the bride and groom with special ceremonial dances.  They were so incredibly beautiful and graceful. What a treat!

DJ Jason Canaan of Quality Entertainment kept the dance floor rockin’ all night long!

My first Cambodian wedding had a horah, too. Cool!

Cake by Fiona’s Cakes.

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Sarah and Matthew’s Engagement

Sarah and Matthew are getting married in the fall of 2011 at the Oaks. It was a given that I was going to be Sarah’s wedding photographer from the day we moved in across the street from her two years ago. We just had to wait for Mr. Right! Little did we know that he was right under her nose all along…..a former USNA midshipman that her family had sponsored many years ago.

It was only fitting that we go to the USNA for their engagement session. We totally lucked out that evening with a beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds. I was happy to be able to use the “sea wall” for pictures since there’s never enough time on the wedding day.

Good things come to those who wait. Waiting for their big day to come isn’t going to be easy, though!


Lauren & Michael

I knew from our initial meeting that Lauren and Michael were gonna be a fun couple. First off, she is a Penn Stater. And so is Michael! Two for two! And they both enjoy life and love to have a good time with friends. Three for three! That’s a win for me!

Alison and I started the day hanging out with the guys and girls at the hotel, and trying to beat the heat. The day was one of the hottest of the year. Boo! We then headed to the Cheasapeake Bay Beach Club for the ceremony and reception. Awesome place for a wedding!


The flowers rocked! So bright and fun for a fun couple!

All the girls were on-hand for Lauren getting into her dress…

…since there were lots of little buttons on the back. Everyones fingers got tired!

The guys and their aviator sunglasses by Alison.

Lauren had a little pic of her dad on the flowers, so he could be with her the whole day.

We dodged through the shade for pics outside, since it was so crazy hot in the sun!

Right after the ceremony the guys stripped off the jackets and ties. Smart!

Shots of beer and cheese wheels. I knew I liked these two. Just what I like! Nice details, Alison!

DJ John Paul Berry from Absolute Entertainment rocked! He got the crowd going with an impromptu mosh-pit. Sweet!

Since Michael and his buddies all graduated from Penn State with aeronautical engineering degrees, they threw paper airplanes for the exit. Awesome!