Claire and Jason’s Engagement

I have sincerely loved spending time with Claire and Jason.  We spent the morning of their first session hanging out drinking great coffee at Caffe Pronto in Annapolis (which I never do anymore) (not the drinking great coffee part, but the hanging out part!) since it was pouring down rain that morning. We were  finally rewarded with a gorgeous afternoon and sunset when they came back again. I really wanted their session to be unique, which can be hard to do in a place where I shoot ALOT of portrait sessions and weddings. But we just let it roll and the architecture and scenery and moments just kept popping up in unique ways. We ended up witnessing the most serene sunset together at Quiet Waters Park. It was amazing! And their DC wedding will surely be, too, with  the help of Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events. Can’t wait!


Meghann and Brian

I first met with Meghann and Brian way back in the spring and have been waiting for this wedding all year, my final one of 2009. WOW! Wendy and I had the time of our lives and came out with loads of awesome images. From start to finish, the day – and the couple – was a blast.

Thank you for being fantastic, Meghann and Brian!


Marikle Chapel at the College of Notre Dame is unassuming from the outside, but once you go inside, it is amazing!

The light coming in the huge windows outside the chapel was amazing! Gorgeous!

Look at these cuties! Such faces!

Wendy hung out with the boys beforehand, here getting a nice shot of our groom.

The interior of Marikle Chapel is just unbelievable.

I love this image! It is so timeless and totally captures these two on their big day.

The flowers were by Karen Lock at Flower Markets. Interesting fact: Meghann and her three sisters all worked for Karen as teenagers!

The fall colors were popping out of control! Awesome!

After arriving at the Mansion House in Druid Hill Park, we hopped in a super-deluxe golf cart and rode around taking pics in theMaryland Zoo.

OMG! I am so happy the wedding party came all the way down the hill for this shot. Thanks guys, you made my day!

A little pink flamingo lovin’!

All the boys looked snazzy in their bow ties, and totally fit with the timeless feel of the day.

The toasts were awesome, everybody was rolling!

My cake shot…

…and Wendy’s take.

Meghann and her proud papa.

Brian and his mom getting down.

Party time!

Meghann and Brian were good sports and did one last take for us out front. Perfect!


David and I shot Jess and Greg’s wedding over two years ago. It was one of our all time favorites! (this was during the pre-blog era, but they are one of the featured weddings on my website) I was so thrilled to hear from Jess when she contacted me to do a family portrait session with their new baby, Colton. While doing the pumpkin patch circuit with my kids this fall, I  discovered this little farm. I was thrilled to be able to go back and photograph such a beautiful family there.

I feel like a proud Grandma when I look through these images! I am so happy for Jess and Greg. Nothing in life can compare to the experience of being new parents. It is such an emotional rollercoaster. What grounds you every day when you look at your child is an overwhelming mixture of awe, love and joy.

You think you love your husband or wife more than anything in the world, and then along comes this beautiful baby, and your love just multiplies more than you could ever have imagined. Being a parent is the most amazing thing!


Erin and James’ Engagement

David and I are going to be photographing Erin and James’ wedding on May 1, 2010 at the Silver Swan on the Eastern Shore. As of now, theirs is our first wedding of 2010. We have so much to look forward to!

For their engagement session one beautiful fall evening, their buddy, Tim, took us out for a sunset cruise in his 60-foot Sea Ray. We had such a blast! I got off to a little bit of a rocky start by calling James “Steve” for the first 30 minutes or so (we had just released Erin and Steve’s wedding, so I had them on the brain!) which provided us with endless laughs, and the bottomless glasses of white wine added even more good cheer. It was an amazing night out on the Bay filled with so many gorgeous sights and fun people.

Their wedding will hopefully entail a cruise from downtown Annapolis to the Silver Swan, if all goes as planned. I will let Dave have the honors on that ride!


Liz and Dan

Liz and her mom booked us sight unseen just three months before Liz and Dan’s wedding date. We knew it would be a fabulous day since the wedding would be taking place during peak foliage at the Oaks Inn, and Liz and Dan’s English/Cajun heritages were such an unusual combination. But, WOW…we really hit the jackpot on their wedding day. Aside from being such a stunningly gorgeous couple, Liz and Dan (and their friends and family) were so laid back and fun loving. They enjoyed every moment of their day, as did we! The day was filled with so much laughter and love…I felt like I should be paying them for making me a part of it!

-AR and DSS

Susan Duall Curry, cousin - This affairs was so wonderfully gorgeous as well as fun.
Everyone was obviously relaxed and having a good time.

Elizabeth’s dress was absolutely stunning, and so perfect for her! Dan’s family definitely knows how to enjoy themselves while making others comfortable and included in the fun.

We’ll be talking about this wedding for a very very long time!
January 5, 2010 – 4:45 AM

Lesley Duall, mother of the bride - Thank you Amy for capturing our day so beautifully! It really was a wonderful day and we thank the staff of The Oaks for catering to our every need – fabulous location, food was superb!!!! Shirley Windsor of Seasonal Flowers took our suggestions and turned them into works of art – I hope you have some photos of the ceremonial arch. Julie’s Bakery made the cake and that was a masterpiece too. From their engagement on June 11 in Barcelona, Spain to that glorious October day at The Oaks, Maryland, we all had the best time planning this occasion – it was sooooo easy once we had all of you wonderful professionals on our side making Elizabeth’s dreams come true!
January 6, 2010 – 4:39 AM