Meredith and Joe

Meredith and Joe were blessed with the perfect crisp fall day for their wedding at the Chesapeake Hyatt Resort in Cambridge. Their Jewish ceremony was filled with so many beautiful and meaningful details. They also provided us with a gorgeous color scheme and fine details…we especially loved the brown suits!

I think Meredith, Joe and I bonded over the fact that my husband and I are also “Cashews”. (Catholic + Jew)  We made our own chuppah as well, but I don’t think my husband smashed our glass with quite as much gusto as Joe did on his wedding day!


Meredith was such a stunning bride. I could have spent hours photographing her alone. (maybe I did?!)

Meanwhile, down in the lobby…..Kathy, my second shooter who filled in for an out-of-commission David, was getting creative with the guys and the great decor while waiting for me.

Meredith and Joe’s “first sight”.

Kathy hoofed it all the way upstairs during the ceremony to photograph the procession from above.

We are going to get a lot of inquiries about this chuppah, made by Jim Gray at City Florist….it is so beautiful and rustic.

Kathy caught this sweet moment just before they kissed.

We were hoping to get a nice sunset shot…and we did! Timed just perfectly before heading to join the cocktail reception.

Cake by Bay Country Bakery

Joe and Meredith’s families get acquainted with each other through family pictures.

Evan from got the party rockin with the Horah.

Lauren and Robert

I had a second wedding this past weekend, after shooting at River Farm with Amy on Saturday, at our go-to location this year, the Oaks, in Royal Oak, MD. I had never met Lauren and Robert, they booked me right over the phone, but both felt like old friends, making me feel right at home and welcoming me into their day. Any what a day it was! The afternoon, unseasonably warm, turned into a gorgeous fall evening. Overall, it was a short wedding for me, but all the love and joy of larger weddings was totally apparent!


The colors just popped in the afternoon sun!

Lauren’s bridesmaids used crochet hooks to close the buttons on her dress, such a clever idea!

Lauren, out in the gorgeous afternoon light! I love the open shade areas at the Oaks!

Robert, chilling in the lobby.

Lauren and her dad making the long walk out to the point.

Owen, Lauren’s nephew and ringbearer, having some fun during the ceremony.

Can you guess who the jokester of this group is?

Taking in the moment

There was a really nice moonrise over the water that night. I love the blue!

Lindsay and John

I have had so much fun getting to know Lindsay and John since we first met in January 2008. We learned a lot about each other during an engagement session this past spring. Lindsay and I are both averse to humidity (sweat and frizzy hair are NOT GOOD for pictures!) and very detail oriented (the save-the-date cards were perfect!)  I was so busy during the summer that I never had a chance to check in with them on their wedding plans, but I think subconsciously I knew that between Lindsay & Chris and Rex & Regina and the great team of vendors they assembled (including Tanya with Blue Sky Films), the day was going to be top notch, from soup to nuts. And what a day it was … words cannot describe the joy, happiness and beauty that David and I were able to capture that day.

Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness, John & Lindsay!

-AR and DSS

Here comes the bride … let the preparations begin!

The flowers by The Enchanted Florist were simply stunning.

Make-up by Victoria Stiles made the ladies look so luscious!

Ring details by David, against the old brick walks at the northernmost of George Washington’s five farms.

Lindsay and John had their “first sight” in the garden at River Farm. David was shooting up close, so I hung back and captured this romantic moment from a distance. I was quite proud of myself for capturing this kiss, but I soon realized that there would be dozens more moments like this. He was laying them on her hand all day long … JFK Jr. style!

These two were so cute, patiently waiting for their turn to walk down the aisle!

Double the action, double the fun!

John surprised us all by ending the ceremony in his “Indiana Jones” hat. He and Lindsay then marched down the aisle to the theme song of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Married life is such an adventure (minus the snake pit)!

This image is also gorgeous in color, but I wanted to create a version that looked historical enough to hang on the wall of George Washington’s River Farm.

What a thrill it is to try and capture the essence of a couple’s love and joy in a single image. This is as good as it gets!

The guests dined like royalty with a superb meal by Windows Catering under a tent which was dressed to the nines. More details can be seen at Rex & Regina’s blog!

Waiting to be introduced.

You just gotta love a groom who knows how to let his bride shine like a star!

Someone came up with the idea to serenade the B&G with songs about love instead of clinking glasses with silverware to make them kiss … great idea. Much more amusing and photogenic!

Not only are they totally in love, but they also totally rocked the dancefloor, thanks to Aaron with Chris Laich Music Services!

Love the strawberry-dipped brides and grooms on the three-tier dessert platters. I snuck a few home to my kids in my camera bag!

The night featured a full moon rising over the Potomac. Lovely!

Jennifer and Scott

Jennifer and Scott’s wedding seemed too good to be true right from the start. It was as if a spread of my dream home in Better Homes & Gardens had come to life with a stunning and incredibly easygoing B&G, a wedding party made up of siblings dressed in my favorite colors, masses of fresh picked flowers, and an intimate group of fun loving friends and family. David and I enjoyed capturing every moment of Jennifer and Scott’s day and their love for each other without a moment of stress or even breaking a sweat! Here are a few of our many favorites from their beautiful garden wedding.

-AR and DSS

The Buckley’s recently renovated historic home in Annapolis was filled with natural light, beautiful architecture and details.  I posed Jen and her mom on the landing for this one.

I was lucky to catch this candid moment while doing a portrait of Jen alone.

Nice ring details shot by David!

Scott admiring his beautiful bride.

The flowers by Flower Follies look like they had just been plucked from the garden. I half expected to see little bunnies hopping across the tables nibbling on the cabbages in the centerpieces!

The filtered sun from behind the trees was the perfect light for the procession.

Jen was so funny.. laughing or crying at the same time!

Mom checking out Jen’s new married look.

The escort cards were cleverly displayed on an antique drafting table with grosgrain ribbon.

So giddy in love…even during the blessing.

Ken’s Creative Kitchen’s signature salad with edible flowers…so beautiful and so delicious at once!

We loved this trellis in the garden which was not used for the ceremony, so we asked the B&G to sneak away for a few minutes during dinner to create these images.

The band, The Jangling Reinharts is now one of my favorite wedding bands. They are based in Richmond, VA.  They played great tunes to sing along with and dance to, but what was up with the masks?!?!

Alden and Ethan

Alden’s mom Kitty was in the process of staging an amazing production when we met only 5 months before the big day. I had been recommended by her other vendors (Thank you Sous Son of Silverstems, Sally of Palate Pleasers and Silvia of Rentals to Remember!) and would have been devastated had she not chosen me as the photographer! I had not even met the B&G who were living in London at the time, but I was still so excited about all of the elements. The B&G and their friends turned out to be tons of fun, the weather was perfect (I know….on the verge of raining all day is not what most brides would pray for on their wedding day, but the light was just so soft and the sky so dramatic!) and I had Alison with her artistic eye to shoot with me. Thanks to all for making Alden & Ethan’s day such a pleasure to document!


The Stoner’s house was so much fun to shoot in. Lots of large, open rooms with clean lines, tons of light, and great art!

This girl belongs on the cover of a magazine!

I had envisioned a shot like this when I first saw the Zen garden. The purple dresses are perfect with the green and gray in the landscape, and the girls were such troopers traipsing around in their heels and having fun.

Alden and Ethan were so “in the moment” all day. They just kept looking at each other like, “Wow! This isn’t a dream. This is our wedding day!”

Look for this one in Town & Country….

I had no idea where we were going to shoot the wedding party until we got back to the house after the ceremony. The group was so large and we didn’t have much time to mess around. The facade of the Stoner’s house was the perfect stage for these characters!

The pool wasn’t too shabby either!

Yum! Fabulous oyster bar and great food by Palate Pleasers.

Giselle from Elegant Hair by Giselle did an amazing job on Alden’s do!

I am particularly proud of this shot…it’s so theatrical. Very Shakespearean.

The boys club…cigars, scotch and war stories abound with a “full moon” lighting the stage.

The band, Double Down, was amazing! Loved their old time look and collection of instruments.

Bon voyage, Alden and Ethan! Alison braved the crowds, flames and perilous crowded narrow dock for this parting shot. (I paid her the big bucks that day!)

Molly - Wow, Amy. These shots are gorgeous! I love the lush green landscape everywhere.
October 30, 2009 – 3:24 PM

MR - So beautiful. So creative. Takes my breath away again as I relive this incredible wedding day and night. Congrats on such gorgeous photography!
November 1, 2009 – 9:45 PM

Charlotte - Most beautiful couple ever!!! Your photos are just gorgeous, Amy! Congrats!
November 2, 2009 – 2:05 PM

Alden - Wow! You really captured the bliss of the day. Thanks so much to you and Alison for making it the most fantastic day – our fairytale came true! With gratitude, the Bride and Groom.
November 9, 2009 – 9:18 PM

Kitty & Tom » Amy Raab Blog - […] of the year was a birthday gift for Tom Stoner from his wife, Kitty. We photographed their daughter Alden & Ethan’s most fabulous wedding at their beautiful home and garden back in 2009.  It was such a joy to […]April 5, 2012 – 3:38 PM