Laura and JP

Once in a while, a little wedding comes along that makes you smile. One that makes you love your job as a wedding photographer. One that you love the pictures from before you have even snapped one frame. Laura and JP’s wedding was just that. Thank you, Laura and JP, you guys rock! Plain and simple.


I love the look of this, it could be from 50 years ago! Timeless.

We walked a bit around town, even blocking Maryland Ave for a bit to get this shot. Yep, wait your turn cars, Laura and JP are getting married!

We were told the day before that Bancroft Hall was closed, but guess who got in? Love this shot by Wendy!

We did have to share a bit of Bancroft with some foreign tourists, they loved seeing the B&G!

The Naval Academy chapel is stunning in every way, and this is only one half of it!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot by Wendy.

After the ceremony, we walked around the academy grounds with the uber cool kids in the wedding party. Thanks for hoofing it all over with us!

That is one good looking wedding party!

After a trolley ride through town, we headed back to Governor Calvert House for the reception. Laura’s mom handled the details of that killer canopy above the B&G, awesome!

I love the juxtaposition of this image with the earlier one of the sword. Two different images, but having a similar theme and feel. Both by Wendy. Nice!

All the Navy guys serenaded Laura with the Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin'”!

And our buddy Evan of kept the party kickin’ all night long, even getting everyone doing a Texas line dance!

Erin Skahan - the pictures are amazing! Laura and her Hubby look great, and I LOVE the one with her veil blowing in the breeze!! Congrats to the bride and groom!
October 24, 2009 – 8:07 PM

Kiersten and Ryan

Blogging can be such a daunting task. Choosing a handful of images out of thousands to represent all of the emotion, energy, and details of a wedding is so difficult!!! But with Kiersten and Ryan it was even more difficult. Every moment of the day was brimming with so much love and joy. I got the feeling at the beginning of the day that it was going to be nearly impossible to capture their love with a camera. Their love spread throughout the crowd. Laughter mixed with tears (and sweat!) was contagious and neverending. I wonder if their faces hurt the next day?

Thank you, Kiersten and Ryan, for spreading your love!

-AR and DSS

Kiersten Kanaley aka The Bride - Wow, Amy, David and Alison, wow! You captured the magic and love of our wedding. Your pictures will continue to spread the love for years to come. Thank you! We can not wait to see more! Mr. & Mrs. Kanaley
October 9, 2009 – 2:29 AM

Sarah and Joe

Sarah and Joe live in NYC, and decided to celebrate their marriage in Sarah’s hometown of Annapolis among their immediate family and a few of their closest friends.  A small, intimate wedding is always a nice change of pace. It usually entails the added bonus of a low maintenance bride, but Sarah was a NO maintenance bride. Jo and I didn’t even meet her until the day of  her wedding! She and her mom gave us carte blanche to create and capture the day as we wished.  Ah, yes, it was just too good to be true; the sky was dark and ominous all day until about 5 o’clock when it opened up into a torrential downpour that lasted almost all night.  But Sarah and Joe were just so happy and madly in love that nothing could have dampened their spirits!


Sarah looked so beautiful getting dressed at her mother’s vanity. I can see this picture framed among the rest of the vintage family photographs on the wall.

Jo of English Rose Floral Design had so much fun with Sarah’s color scheme and contemporary style.

Miraculously, it let up to a light drizzle just when we arrived at the Annapolis Yacht Club, and we were able to get the classic Annapolis images we had envisioned.

This is the image they used on the invitation to their reception in NYC. You can see how soaking wet the dock is, and the sun is setting behind the yacht club. Our timing was impeccable!

Sarah wore a fragrant gardenia in her hair.

What’s fine dining in Maryland without a cup of cream of crab soup?

Nite nite.

Erin and Steven

I knew from the start, Erin and Steven’s wedding day was going to be fun, fun and more fun! Right away, we were welcomed into Erin’s mom’s house and it felt like we were at a party. Just so many happy and smiling people. And once we arrived at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, more and more happy, smiling folks kept arriving, all to celebrate this incredibly awesome couple.

Thank you for being incredibly smiley all day, Erin and Steven! You guys rock!


Rings and M&Ms. Perfect together.

Lovin’ the details of the day, especially the signature cocktails, deemed “heaven in your mouth” by the bridesmaids!

Missy shot this fun shot of the bridesmaids helping Erin freshen up right before the ceremony.

The bride looked stunning!

This little guy was just too cute! And notice how he has a cracker in each shot, too much!

Kissable Erin…

… again …

… and again.

You know the party is gonna be good when this is the groom’s cake! Plus it helps that Erin’s family is in the beer biz!

Everybody grooved out to the sweet sounds of the Doug Segree Band.

Who invited Elvis?

Katie and Monroe

I’ve been so excited about Katie and Monroe’s wedding since the day we met. With the great team of vendors Katie and her mom Susan put together, the GORGEOUS church and reception venue AND bride and groom… could we go wrong?!

It was so much fun working with Katie, Monroe and Susan from the engagement session through the wedding day. Katie and Monroe have just settled into their new home in Dallas. We will miss them!


Katie and Monroe showed me their gorgeous church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, during their engagement session back in the spring. It turned out that we were very restricted in terms of our shooting positions on the wedding day, so my second shooter, Kathy Blanchard, and I showed up a little early and got some detail shots of the empty church.

Kathy made this cool portrait of Monroe before the ceremony. Despite the fact that the church is 200 years old, it has some contemporary architectural elements and furnishings which we just loved!

Jo’s signature name tags for the ladies.

This could be an award winner (by Kathy!) Katie and her dad’s faces are obscured by the staircase which just exposes the crucial elements; her excited grin and tight grip on dad’s hand!

I have to say I am quite proud of our wedding party shot on the altar….not an easy feat considering the HUGE wedding party and time crunch to get to the reception!

The architecture, lighting and decor at the Congressional Country Club is just exquisite. We loved capturing all the details and the warm glow of the room.

Kathy and I both shot the first dance with available light;  Kathy’s from the balcony…

and mine from the dance floor.

The man behind the music…Chris Laich. NO PHOTOS, PLEASE!!!

Such a happy couple, and a fabulous shot by Kathy!

I was obsessed with my beautiful bride, still doing portraits of her at 11 o’clock at night!

retouching - Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!!
September 17, 2009 – 4:15 AM

Katie and Monroe Campbell - Amy we couldn’t be happier with the photos, can’t wait to see the rest!! Thanks for helping us make our day SO perfect!!
lots of love,
Katie and Monroe
September 24, 2009 – 7:51 PM