Kate and Harrison

We knew Kate and Harrison’s wedding was going to be over the top, in a good way. With a little help from Contessa Flowers and caterer Ken Upton, Kate’s mom, Kay, created a lavish event filled with beauty which blended perfectly with a little Southern charm from Harrison’s family and friends. (Ken even catered Kay’s own wedding years ago!)

Once again, our challenge was lots of eye candy and so many great moments, but so little time to capture it all.

-AR and DSS

Kate was digging the sofa in the parlor before the ceremony.

Harrison had some quiet time before the ceremony to go over his vows.

Calvary United Methodist Church in Annapolis was so bright! Yay!

Mint juleps on a hot, summer day … what could be more refreshing after a photo shoot?

It was Kate’s idea to have the girls toss up their bouquets and catch them. We love it!

David’s angle – they really got some height on those bouquets!

We love, love, love the architecture at St. John’s!

Daddy’s little girl

We were torn between photographing the food and just digging in!

Ken really outdid himself with his Southern classics, and a new one with a Chesapeake Bay flair: crabcakes on fried green tomatoes!

Wedding guests admired my work from Kate and Harrison’s engagement session, and her sister Jen’s work designing the guestbook! Gotta love it!

We loved how the evening was a free flowing party with impromptu speeches and gatherings. It kept us on our toes!

Harrison’s best friend, and one of his best men, gave a super toast, complete with cheap French wine from a trip they took together!

The band, Horizon, rocked the house with a kickin’ horn section!

… although this guy thought it was a little loud!

We can only guess what this dance is called …

Becky and Chris

I’ve been looking forward to Becky and Chris’s wedding with no worries since doing their engagement session late last fall. I walked away from that day in Cambridge with so many gorgeous images, and a great feeling about their wedding. Their laid back attitudes, love for each other and fun loving families (oh yeah, and their stunning good looks!) combined with gorgeous Eastern Shore scenery and flowers by Jo would no doubt be one of our best weddings ever. Here are some of our many faves!

-AR and DSS

Ready for action! David and I arrived at the Chesapeake Hyatt at the same time as the guys. We walked in together and I ran ahead to get this shot of them coming down the hall.

I love it when the groomsmen look like male models….


Becky and Chris’s “first sight”. It was really romantic, plus a great relief for Becky and Chris to decompress together before heading over to Clearview at Horn’s Point for the ceremony.

One can only guess what Becky is thinking, watching her dad practice his golf swing moments before walking her down the aisle!

I must say, I really nailed “the handoff”! This shot is always so hard to get. Becky, Chris and his dad all appear to be in the spotlight, and the pastor and groomsmen are all watching intently but in the shadows. And Chris’s expression is so intense, and handshake so firm, with his other hand reaching out for Becky. I love how it tells the story of the day in one image.

Becky’s veil only lasted a few minutes into the ceremony before blowing off and flying away in the breeze. I begged her to put it back on for a few minutes following the ceremony. I had this vision of her and Chris walking by the water’s edge with her veil blowing in the breeze…

Ok..you try wearing this thing!

Flowers by English Rose Floral Design, and cake by Bay Country Bakery.

The night was fabulous, not a cloud in the sky!

The winner of the most fun mother-of -the-groom goes to Anna Brohawn! Woo hoo! And the best dancing father-of-the-bride award goes to John Young!

Right Foot Red rocked the house. Way to party like a rock star!

One of the groomsmen even joined in with the band on drums for a few songs!

Jen and Matt

What a gorgeous wedding…beautiful natural light everywhere, fun, bright colors, and a bride and groom so madly in love with each other…what more could we ask for? Oh, and we got to see one of our favorite couples of 2008, Anna and Jay. It was great to see you two, and thanks for referring us to Jen and Matt!


Jen’s suite upstairs at the Fairmont was gorgeous. She was running behind schedule at the salon and I couldn’t wait for her to arrive and slip into her dress so that I could photograph her in this beautiful light and decor.

Jen and Matt have an almost magnetic attraction to each other. When they saw each other for the first time, it was as if they rest of the world didn’t exist.

I love this shot of the guys. It just looks so official! They were all hanging out behind me while I was shooting the girls. I turned around and pulled Matt out into the center of the rug and bingo!

Gay Pride Day in DC attracted some interesting characters…here’s Jen posing with a few of the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.


Amateurs stealing my shots again!

The sounds of our new favorite band, The New Monopoly, kept the crowd dancing all night long!

Casey and Chris

I have been looking forward to Casey and Chris’s wedding since last fall when we got together for their engagement portrait session in Alexandria. Although we love everything about the Oaks, it was a nice change to shoot a ceremony at the catholic church in St. Michaels. The simplicity of the architecture, the light and contrast are wonderful to work with. The whole day turned out to be tons of fun and full of eye candy. Photographing our gorgeous bride & groom and wedding party amid a sea of lemon chiffon and shamrocks was simply sheer bliss!

-AR and DSS

Chris and Casey’s mom, enjoying a few cold ones before the ceremony.

After the ceremony we did some portraits in the pews at St. Michaels Chapel, what a gorgeous church!

Shirley Windsor of Seasonal Flowers did an amazing job with the bouquets.

“We’re NOT Handsome” rocked the house!

Chris’s uncle stripping down for a midnight skinny dip!

Whitney’s impromptu late night toast was hilarious. Suffice it to say that she LOVES her new brother-in-law!

Nichole and Chris

We are so glad that Nichole and Chris did not go through with their original plans for their dream wedding…. an elopement to Scotland or Ireland! It was such an honor to be included with their friends and family from DC and New England to celebrate their love for each other at one of our favorite venues, The Oaks. The natural and casual setting was simply perfect for Nichole and Chris.

It was a dream wedding for us, too!


This girl is just so gorgeous!

The flowers were so perfect for Nichole. Pretty, natural and not fussy! Thanks to Angela Ingram of Flowerchild!

Nichole and Chris’s “first sight”

Come and get it!

Cool night shot by my second shooter for the day, Missy!

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