Sarah and Alain

October 25, 2008

Big Bash at Baltimore’s Belvedere

 Sarah’s dress was absolutely amazing, captured here by my assistant Melissa Aroyo.

The girls helping Sarah into her dress.

What a smile!

Bling power, Go!

Diane and Howard, looked the part of the happy parents of the bride.

These two are totally in love!

The dancefloor was packed all night long thanks to the efforts of the band, The New Monopoly!

The rain let up just enough for us to take a few moments outside with the iconic neon sign of the Belvedere.


Casey and Chris’ engagement

Yes, that is fall foliage you see… the date was October 30th. The six weeks in between then and now have been all about Christmas! Thanks for your patience, Casey and Chris!

Looking at these pictures brings back memories of the days before the holiday madness when we had time to just hang out. I met Casey, Chris and their dog Vito at their home in Olde Town, Alexandria. As you can see, Vito was very excited that mom and dad took the afternoon off to play with him.

Casey and Chris are such a great couple. I love the story of how they met; Chris works with Casey’s mom, and it was love at first site the day she brought her daughter to work!

Their wedding is June 6, 2009 at the The Oaks. We can’t wait!


Nicole & Chris’ engagement

Nichole and Chris are getting married next May 30 at The Oaks in St. Michaels. They both live and work in DC, so it will be a destination wedding for their local friends and family, as well as the out-of-towners. Who wouldn’t love an invitation to get out of the city and kick off the summer with a great celebration on the Eastern Shore?!

We decided to make their engagement session all about DC. They took me to their favorite hangouts one Sunday afternoon this fall. It was really fun getting acquainted with Nichole and Chris, and also just getting out of the burbs and enjoying our nation’s capital!

We started out at the National Cathedral. I was totally overwhelmed with the space; the architecture is so grandiose with so many nooks and crannies to pose Nichole and Chris in…I could have spent all day there!

By the time we got downtown the sun was starting to set. I was hoping the crowds would thin out and we’d get some cool evening light, and we did.

Nichole and Chris love the WWII Memorial. Especially since Maryland (Chris’ home state) and New Hampshire (Nichole’s) are right next to each other. This was a must-have shot!

It is really cool to shoot here with a wide angle lens. I love that you can see the National Monument and the Lincoln Memorial from one vantage point.


Portland Wedding Photographer - This is a great set of images. I really like the flare shot. Nice stuff.

December 29, 2008 – 6:00 AM

Katherine and Darren

October 18, 2008

Elegance in Easton

Katherine and Darren were married in a small ceremony in the garden at the historic Tidewater Inn on a somewhat overcast and chilly day. That did not stop these two from heating up the place, though! What a great couple to work with, so laid back and fun. I had a blast shooting solo and everyone involved was awesome! Thanks!

Katherine looked stunning in her dress!

Sneaking a little smooch outside before the reception.

Kinda fun that their cake topper looked exactly like them!

We braved the chilly night air for some fun shots — it was actually very refreshing after being inside!


The Corrigan Family

Patty, JC and Nathan Make Three!

We give discounts for return customers. Not on second marriages, but maternity and baby portraits! David and I shot Patty and JC’s wedding three years ago. They recently stopped in on their way through town with their handsome little devil Nathan. We started out at Quiet Waters Park, where I shot Patty and JC’s engagement session. We had our challenges… it was the coldest fall morning of the year, and this kid did not want to be held. Nathan is all about exploring and moving, so we went back to the studio and set him loose with our new props!