Jen and Matt

Jen and Matt are getting married next June 13 at the Fairmont Hotel. They were referred to us by Anna and Jay, our first and most famous bride and groom of 2008 and also first blog post! Thanks Anna and Jay….you guys rock!
Since October is portrait and wedding mayhem, I’ve been scheduling engagement portraits on weekdays. So far everyone has loved having an excuse to take a day off work and hang out with their sweeties in the park. Jen suggested Glen Echo Park in Bethesda, which I thought was a brilliant idea!


Jessica and Dennis

October 11, 2008

Sophisticated Style at the Strong

It was an absolutely perfect fall day for a drive up to Sugarloaf Mountain for Jessica and Dennis’s wedding. It had all the usual great elements of a Jewish wedding: B&G seeing each other beforehand with lots of time for pics, great food and of course, the horah… there was so much Maryland history to capture in the architecture, decor and scenery of Strong Mansion. All that plus a gorgeous, sweet and easygoing couple … man … we had it made!

Allison at Pineapple Productions took care of all the details, including the gorgeous arrangements.

I was overwhelmed with the bridal suite. The decor, soft natural light, a beautiful bride — but only 15 minutes to shoot her portrait! My favorites are these with the four-poster beds, since they struck me when I first walked into the room.

David chose to photograph Dennis in front of the Strong family military commissions. Cool idea!

Here’s his shot. Love it!

The B&G seeing each other for the first time. I think he approves! Jessica’s vintage style couture gown was so perfect for Strong Mansion. She bought it in London with her mom while doing research for her PhD.

David’s angle of the same moment from my vantage point (above).

Proud mama.

The B&G look like a part of history already. Notice the portraits of the man and woman on the wall behind them.

The groomsmen where hilarious playing around as “Secret Service” agents, totally getting into the roles with their dark glasses and pipe-cleaner “earpieces.”

Checking out the new bling!

We caught the B&G in the last light of the day.

I enjoy capturing how happy couples can be when they are dancing together. Love is in the air!


Those wacky groomsmen at it again! This time, serenading Jessica!

What a beautiful evening at Strong Mansion, dancing under a moonlit sky.

-AR and DSS

Juanita Miller - Jessie and Dennis,

What a perfect place for the perfect couple to say their vows. I am sure that Dennis smashed that glass into a million pieces. This is how many years I wish for you to have the same happiness you had that night.Just always remember never go to bed with a disagreement hanging in the air. The best way to have eternal wedded bliss is to communicate no matter what.

Love you,

Aunt Juanita
November 22, 2008 – 3:04 AM

Sean Wickers - Did I invite you to my wedding? I do not remember, but either way, looks like you had a great time and of course the company and the setting seemed perfect. I love the traditional Jewish elements that I would have no idea about myself, but they seemed to really make the moment in these pictures. Take care, and maybe we can actually come and visit soon.
November 24, 2008 – 12:51 PM

PETE BARBADORO - That was awesome. I wish you both the best of love and happiness. Thank you for sharing the moments you love with me.

May 10, 2009 – 12:33 PM

Francie & Family

Her Time has Come!

My neighbor Francie has three boys and was pregnant with a girl when I met her. Her first girl and final baby…we just had to document this special time in her and her boys’ lives. Francie and Scott were quite nervous about the whole thing….just getting three rambunctious boys to sit still for 5 minutes is almost impossible. Well, it was nothing short of a miracle.

We did it! (okay, maybe it wasn’t 5 minutes, but 1/125 of a second?!)

At the end of the session we sent the boys home and had some quiet time with Francie. I love these portraits of her SO MUCH. We brought sexy back for Francie.

On my way home I passed her house, and there she was, reverted into “mom mode”, sitting in the yard in her sweats, reading a magazine while the kids ran around. Her time to shine as a beautiful, sexy woman was short lived, but the images will last forever.



Ashley and Tom

October 4, 2008

 From Pasadena to Pintail Point

Ashley and Tom were married at their hometown church, Our Lady of the Chesapeake in Pasadena, with a reception at Hunter’s Oak in Queenstown. We were overwhelmed with trying to capture all the moments and joy among family and friends amid such spectacular scenery! I could have spent hours at Pintail Point with the B&G and wedding party. So many photo ops, so little time!

The light in Ashley’s room was gorgeous.

Ashley’s mom Paula made this precious dress for the flowergirl, Sophie. I ended up shooting more pictures of Sophie than Ashley at the house. She really stole the show!

The guys had a little fun with Tom, making sure he did not get away.

Look at those studs!

I love the tree lined drive to Pintail Point.

The devoted best man, Brandon, and limo driver standing by for “just one more shot”.

Brandon was the third wheel on Ashley and Tom’s first date. Tom brought him along just in case it ended up a disaster. Of course he was right there by their sides for on their wedding day!

They had this killer colorful candy bar at the reception. Nice!

Couples get a kick out of seeing some of the shots right away!

-AR and DSS

Kristin - amazing photos! you really captured some incredible moments, and the lighting is insane…great work!
November 6, 2008 – 6:36 PM

Kinley and Drew

September 27, 2008

Eastern Shore Elegance

Kinley and Drew planned for smooth sailing on their nautical themed wedding day, but it was more like stormy seas! The rain was relentless, but the their spirits weren’t dampened. We shifted to Plan B and scrapped the pictures around Annapolis and headed over the Bay Bridge to the church. The last downpour of the day ended just as we arrived at the church. We caught the last light of the day just as we arrived at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, and the reception was a blast. What an adventure!

The gals at Hudson & Fouquet took great care of Kinley and her bridesmaids. It was nuts in there!

Monica grabbed this nice image of Drew’s accessories! Love the pocket watch!

Historic Old Christ Church in Stevensville. So cute!

Old church vestibules always have the most dramatic light. Light pouring into a dark space creates this painterly chiaroscuro effect.

Tribute to JFK Jr: Drew surprised Kinley with this sweet little move as they stepped out of the church. Fortunately he tipped me off beforehand, so I didn’t miss the shot!

Monica endured the noise to get this keeper of the church bell man.

Jason of was nice enough to give the kids a try at his totally cool job!

Drew and his boys.


WishLaura - Wow Amy, the images are stunning! I’m so thrilled to see how they turned out. It was really a pleasure working with you on this wedding and I hope to see you again soon. Thanks!
November 4, 2008 – 3:35 PM