Maggie and Jesse

September 20, 2008

Elegance and Class in Columbia

Amy and I first met Maggie and Jesse at the Krispy Kreme donut shoppe in Columbia on a cold winter morning. Not your typical meeting place, but, hey, they have great donuts! From the start, I knew their wedding would be great! They are such a fun couple, Monica and I were honored to shoot their big day.

Monica got this nice one of Jesse looking handsome and relaxed.

Maggie look incredible in the soft window light upstairs in the manor!

The bride is leaving the building! Monica snapped this just as Maggie and her dad were exiting. Nice timing!

Are these two in love or what?

Maggie’s dad helped out rounding everyone up for…

…a big group photo! What a gorgeous crowd!

The reception was at the fabulous Oakland Manor in Columbia.

Getting down to some funky sounds!

The band for the evening, Radio City, was great. It totally felt like we were right back in the good ol’ days of big band!

Jesse loved the cake a lot! …it was pretty tasty!


Kate and Harrison’s Engagement

September 18, 2008

Kate and Harrison are getting married next summer in Annapolis, Kate’s hometown. They managed to find some time to come home one evening to have their engagement portraits done.   With their demanding work schedules and a long distance relationship, they hardly get to see each other. They were just so happy to be together! It was a beautiful evening, and we had fun making a spectacle of ourselves while they smooched all over town!


Kyana and Demetrick

September 14, 2008

Drama and Decadence in Ellicott City

Kyana and Demetrick’s wedding was so unusual and creative. Staged under a huge weeping willow tree with live music and dance and a
very entertaining pastor, it felt like we were at an outdoor theatre. The ceremony was so dramatic, and at the reception they had two cakes (Go Bills!, my husband’s hometown team), by Debi’s Cake Studio plus the ice cream bar, and all the dirty dancing…

But wait…. can she cook??!!!

The lovely ladies

The obligatory Turf Valley Resort shot. Isn’t she gorgeous, though?

Thank you swans!

David got down and dirty to grab this moment!

Kyana and Demetrick surprised everyone with a fun and dramatic entrance to the reception…

Good thing we were ready for it! Deon Christopher of The Pros provided the kickin’ music!

Daddy’s girl

Everybody wanted to get a shot of the lovely couple!

I always take the easy job; the toss.

While David gets up-close for the action!

Did you find what you were looking for Demetrick?

They ended the evening with a nice slow dance under their names in lights!

We ended ours with some fun with one of the groomsmen! We seem to always makes new friends out on the dance floor!

-AR and DSS

Michelle Davis - Amy you guys were awesome, everything went as planned and the pictures are fabulous. I look forward to working with you guys again.
October 18, 2008 – 1:11 PM

Jenna and Neil’s Engagement

September 13, 2008

Neil proposed to Jenna at the U.S. Botanic Garden; one of his favorite spots in DC. We thought it would be a great idea to go back for their portrait session. Neil confessed that he was a little nervous about being photographed, but after a few minutes they both warmed up and it turned out to be a hot and steamy portrait session….literally. It was about 97 degrees and humid in there! We managed to have a lot of fun and got some great shots without getting kicked out for climbing on the rocks and trimming trees!

Neil and Jenna’s wedding is next February in Annapolis. We will have our colleague Jim Larson on the job with us to help out with the group shots. Jenna has a HUGE family and wedding party (with 15 kids in it!) It’s going to be a blast!


Rebecca and Joe

September, 7 2008

A Swanky Jewish Wedding at the Yacht Club

One of the reasons why I love Jewish weddings (aside from the great food and the horah) is because we don’t have to talk the B&G into seeing each other before the ceremony! Jewish tradition dictates it with the signing of the ketubah and the veiling. They are always such beautiful ceremonies to document. So many great moments, details and emotions to capture.

Rebecca and her sister Michelle are so close. I hope my daughters grow up to be so beautiful and best friends, too.

These two are totally in love! David got this nice little moment right when they first saw each other.

We took a walk down Maryland Ave with the wedding party. We posed Joe and Rebecca in the windows of one of the high end boutiques. So vogue!

My new favorite spot for bridal party pics in Annapolis.

Glam girl eyes by Roxy of Hudson & Foquet.

Signing the ketubah at the Annapolis Yacht Club, a great place for a reception, lit by really cool ambient light in the lounge.

The veiling of the bride — how could he not recognize that killer smile?

An unusual pose….it was the only way I could think to fit them together out there without falling into the water!

Why I am not cut out to be a second shooter! Go Dave!

Joe is all smiles, while hanging out on the dock with his bride, in this killer moment by David.

The sushi bar was a hit.

Rebecca and Joe were referred to us by Wedding Savvy, who did a fabulous job putting together this event. Soo Son of Silverstems outdid herself with the flowers!

Mr. Perlmutter’s toast was outrageous. We all rejoiced when it was finally over!

-AR and DSS