Carolyn & Elliott

I just adored Carolyn and Elliott right from the start. When they told me that they were both actors, both Irish, and that their wedding party was made up of lawyers and actors (what IS the correlation there?) who liked to party, I had a feeling it would be a fun wedding. Plus, their wedding would take place at one of my favorite venues, The Oaks in St. Michaels. I just had to be the one to document their day!

Over the winter I had been toying with the idea of painting frames and using them as props for the wedding party and guests. Since this was one of my first weddings of the season, and The Oaks just lends itself to this idea, I ran the idea by Carolyn and she was thrilled. I was equally thrilled to learn of her color scheme ~ kelly green, magenta, yellow and tangerine. Yum!  I picked up these frames at various Goodwill stores (which started a new shopping obsession for my kids, with the help of the song, “Thrift Shop”) I just love how the color pops with the bridesmaids gray dresses and the weathered gray barn at the Oaks. (please don’t ever paint it!)

Here is what I managed to edit down from my and Arianne’s favorites. I know…definitely too many portraits of the bride, but she is just too stunning!

Special thanks to Kate & Casey of Hudson Bridal and Shirley & Roxanne of Seasonal Flowers for their beautiful work!

Kimberly & Mark

What a pleasure it was to kick off the wedding season with Kimberly & Mark! Is it luck or is it karma that we always end up with such wonderful couples? The day could not have been more perfect, and this bride could not have been more sweet and beautiful! Mark was also super laid back and just so IN LOVE … the way he looked at her all day just made her shine even more. I just love their color scheme of purple and gray with the bright green grass of spring. And what a great team of vendors they chose to make everything come together perfectly. Thank you, Kimberly & Mark, for choosing us to capture it all!

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club                  Flowers by Cache Fleur                    Fiona’s Cakes                      Onyx


We definitely lucked out here ~ I scouted out these spots behind the hotels on Kent Island a few days before the wedding. Nice!
Arianne and I made sure to grab a slice of this at the end of the night since Fiona’s cakes are known to be not only the most beautiful, but the most delicious. Both flavors; amaretto almond brittle and lemon raspberry were simply divine!
The guys from Onyx were working the crowd right from the get go!
A special tribute to Kimberly’s grandmother ~ New York, New York, her favorite song!

Carolyn Steinberg - Amy and Arianne… captured the day…all its beauty and joy…as I dreamed, and knew, you would…you are the BEST !!…I’ll have to look at these many ,many times before I can pick my favorites…thank you for being our photographers…thank you for providing us with such great memories of a wonderful, happy day for our families….Love you !April 22, 2013 – 7:49 PM

Carolyn Steinberg - Amy and Arianne…you captured the day…all its beauty and joy…as I hoped and knew you would…you are the best !!..I’m going to have to look at these many,many times before I pick my favorites…thank you for being our photographers and giving us memories of a wonderfully happy day for our families !…Love you !April 22, 2013 – 7:54 PM

Carolyn Steinberg - …obviously, I thought the first comment didn’t go through…however, on second thought, the praise deserves to be repeated !April 22, 2013 – 10:40 PM

Trish & Zack

Today I am releasing my new website AND  blogging our last wedding of 2012. Big day!  And whew, just in the nick of time…our first wedding of 2013 is next Saturday! That means I will have one week off from weddings. I wonder if I can do it ~ go a whole week without looking at wedding images!? It’s a wedding photography cleanse!

Trish and Zack’s elegant wedding at the Annapolis Westin was a grand finale for me and David. It was a race against time and light that November evening to capture these beautiful images, but we rose to the challenge and I am now LOVING how my favorites all come together to tell their story. Jack and Ava, Trish’s niece and nephew, came close to stealing the show, just like their dog Emma during their engagement session.

Trish & Zack and their families have been so great to work with ~ fun, easygoing, and appreciative of all of our efforts. What a wonderful way to end the year and begin a new one!

Here are two of my most favorite “guys prep” shots EVER, by David. Apparently, this groomsman was actually trying to catch a few Z’s moments before leaving for the church. I love the head on shot and profile. Nice!
Jack did not want anything to do with the ceremony, but he just couldn’t wait to get the party started. This kid is just too much! Love the socks.
Two of my most favorite Father of the Bride/grandfather of the flowergirl and ringbearer shots ever!

Anne Marie Fenton - This was great — such great memories…and this photographer was and is the best….May 1, 2013 – 4:26 PM


All I can say is that I’m really lucking out this year with such handsome young men for subjects, and the only two sunny Saturdays we have had in months for their portrait sessions!

Here is Ben, a really awesome kid who is working hard towards his Bar Mitzvah which is coming up this May. It is going to be a fabulous event at Temple Beth Shalom, and I am especially excited that the guys from Booth-O-Rama will be there to capture all of the fun!

Ben was really into the shoot ~ I love that he brought his guitar and drumsticks to my studio! He even managed to keep his cool look going with the new white polo shirt mom made him wear at the end of the session. Even though he seemed to love every second of the session, he ended up getting an ice cream cone as a reward. Kids will be kids!

Lauren & Craig

The thing I love most about this time of year is having the time to reflect on the previous year’s work. During the wedding season, we create and edit thousands of wedding images every week and then quickly have to move onto the next one. As much as we wedding photographers love our work, I think it’s safe to say that editing a wedding every week is totally grueling! But once we have our favorites picked out, the agony is over. Designing albums and blogging is just pure fun. It’s the creative work that drove us into photography in the first place.

I barely had a chance to take a second look at Lauren and Craig’s ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS wedding at Brittland Manor last fall. Looking through all of the beauty, joy and outrageous fun that Arianne and I captured has been such a blast! I got it down to about 70 favorites. I know…too many…but I love them all!


Amie Decker Beauty              Ken’s Creative Kitchen               The Prop Stop Photo Booth                  Dave Tieff

Many many thanks to Arianne Teeple for her invaluable assistance and beautiful work. Looking forward to another exciting year!