Amy and Doug’s Engagement

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hanging out in Annapolis with Amy and Doug for their engagement shoot. My trip there was a quick car ride, but theirs took a little longer. Anna and Doug were visiting from the other side of the world – Bangkok, Thailand, to be exact.

We had a great time walking all over the side streets of Annapolis, finding special spots to shoot. I can’t wait for their wedding in Annapolis in September!

This fun spot is right behind our favorite sushi place – Tsunami





After we sneaked up this little alley and took it over for a while, I kept hearing people come up behind me and turning around with a huff! 


Meagan Ebersole - What beautiful shots! I love the last one of the couple in the alley – the brick walls on either side really make the couple stand out! Hope all is going well with your studio…good luck during your "busy season!"

Meagan Ebersole
June 16, 2008 – 6:18 PM

In the garden with Grandma

I found these really cool picket fence/window box things in the woods behind our new house. (moving in two weeks, btw……yikes!) They are the perfect props for portrait sessions. They are actually on wheels! Whoever made these and dumped them in my yard…THANK YOU!

My dear friend Sydney’s mom Patty was in town from California last week. We all first met about 10 years ago in Jackson Hole when I was the photographer at Sydney’s sister’s wedding. I guess I have become the official family photographer! Sydney asked if I could take a few pics of her mom with her boys, Hayden and Hudson. I didn’t have the flowerboxes ready, so we all joined forces for the photo shoot. Sydney brought the flowers, and Patty and the boys planted them for me.



Two secret ingredients to capturing the true spirit of  a little boy: dirt and worms!

Don’t ever tell a 6 year old boy to "say cheese"!


Does this one belong in Martha Stewart LIVING or what?


Don’t you dare!!



Shannon & Dino’s engagement

Every year some couple gets lucky enough to schedule their portrait session on the last brilliant day of fall foliage. Fall is my favorite season, and I just hate to let a beautiful Sunday go by without someone to photograph!

Last year was a double whammy for me at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis; Shannon and Dino had their engagement session, and then David and his family met me afterward for a romp in the leaves for their family Christmas card.

Shannon and Dino’s wedding is coming up on May 31st, and I am so excited! They are young, happy and in love … and their wedding is going to be so beautiful. I’m extra fired up for their big day since my friend and colleague, Kathy Blanchard, is going to make a special guest appearance as my second shooter.





 My associate, David Spence, and his family, Molly and Jackson, asked me to do their family picture last year, of course I said "Yes!"







Anna & Jay

April 26, 2008 

An English garden wedding at The Oaks Country Inn, St. Michaels, MD

We love to work with Joanne Galey of English Rose Floral Design. She does amazing work, she even made name tags for all the ladies.

I love it when the bride’s color scheme matches the room!

The guys had such a hard time getting their windsor knots tied right.



Anna was all smiles, all day. Isn’t she lovely?


We used the old barns at the Oaks for our session with the bride and groom. The texture of the old peeling paint was a great contrast to Jay’s suit and Anna’s dress.

Watching the guests fill up the seats, Anna couldn’t keep herself hidden…she was so excited for the ceremony to start.





Testing out the bustling job on her dress with a few spins.

I loved how their sweetheart table was by the windows…so romantic and in perfect light!

 -AR and DSS

david - great pics guys! love them!
May 8, 2008 – 7:12 PM

Shella - These pictures really capture the day!
May 16, 2008 – 1:57 PM

Jill Myers - Wow, what a gorgeous wedding! I love these shots…especially the bride looking out the window and the one above it where she’s laughing.
August 8, 2008 – 2:41 PM

Jahnna & Josh’s engagement

Last Saturday, I got to hang out with Jahnna, Josh and their dog, Zoe, to shoot their engagement photos. We had a blast! The shoot was at the Robert E. Lee Park in Baltimore city, one of the few parks to allow dogs. And were there dogs at the park, you ask? You bet!! We were interrupted at least half a dozen times by crazed dogs running up to me, since I had treats in my pocket to entice Zoe(she likes PB). Needless to say, I tried my best to maintain my professionalism while being run over by dogs.

Jahnna and Josh were fabulous for the shoot. We just hung out and they opened up for me as the shoot went along. They are having a July 4th wedding, with all the guests heading to the Inner Harbor for fireworks afterward. Sounds like the big day will be a blast!




Giving Zoe some much needed attention, since she is so lonely!