Elizabeth & Sam

I have to admit that when I book a wedding and don’t see the B&G again until their wedding day, I often have a vague recollection of what they look like. What I remembered most about Elizabeth and Sam from our meeting was noticing their beautiful skin and chiseled features while they were telling me about their plans. I remember thinking, I hope I get this wedding… I really want to photograph this couple! I was so thrilled when they chose me. Theirs would be my first wedding at Love Point on Kent Island, and they were just such a practical, laid back couple with great taste and plans for an elegant, stress free wedding day.

Both scientists, (self proclaimed “science geeks”), their friends all commented on how smitten Sam was from the start by Elizabeth’s brilliant mind. As we photographed Elizabeth and quickly became obsessed with the images ~ one more incredible than the next ~ my second shooter Arianne and I wondered how long it took Sam to notice just how gorgeous she is!

Sam is a very lucky guy, and we are very lucky photographers to be able to so naturally create these beautiful images of the two of them. We wish them all the best for a lifetime of happiness together!

A special thanks to Richard and Joan of Love Point, Jeff from  Catering by Uptown and Nancy of Chesapeake Floral Arts for their creations.

The work of a true artist ~ Elizabeth’s bouquet was not only exquisite, but it matched her personality and gown in it’s natural, delicate beauty.
Many thanks to Arianne for taking the time to photograph these beautiful meals before we devoured them, and to Catering by Uptown for the royal treatment!

carolyn Steinberg - I’m used to you posting many more pics !!!!… is this all we get?May 24, 2012 – 5:38 PM

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carolyn steinberg - One can never get enough of your gorgeous shots….makes me even more excited for next April 13th and November 9th !!May 25, 2012 – 9:32 AM

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Rayna & Andrew

David and I kicked off the 2012 wedding season with Rayna & Andrew’s early spring wedding at the lovely Westwood Country Club in Vienna, VA. It is always such a pleasure to work with a personally referred client (a BIG thank you to Lori Love Photography!) as well as an established planner like Vicky Choy of Event Accomplished. The planner ensures that we will be working with a great team of vendors, and that things will run smoothly, even if not perfectly as planned. When we have come highly recommended to the client, they simply trust us to do our thing. Both are a “win win” for the client, too ~ they know they are in good hands and can let go and truly enjoy their wedding day, as Rayna & Andrew and their families obviously did! We just loved working with them all! Here are a few of our favorites from their big day.

Other vendors:

DJ: Aaron of Chris Laich Music Services

Flowers: Yellow Door Floral Design

Same shot from two opposing angles. Cool.


Vicky Choy - Great job, Amy! I especially love Andrew’s expression on the 9th photos — so full of emotion. Pleasure working with you! VickyMay 14, 2012 – 5:44 PM

Lexie + Mike = Bailey!

It’s hard to believe Lexie & Mike’s wedding was back in 2008.  So many of their wedding images have become almost iconic ~ lining the walls of my studio, my website, and most recently gracing the cover of an Annapolis wedding brochure. Since their big day, Mike and Lexie have been VERY busy.  In addition to starting a family with little Bailey Marie, Lexie is finishing up her law degree at University of Baltimore School of Law, while Mike, a Harrier Jet pilot for the Marine Corps, has been training for his second deployment to Afghanistan this summer.

Lexie says that after four years of this crazy life, they are still helplessly in love, and she still gets butterflies when she thinks of Mike. I believe it! After almost thirteen years of marriage, I feel the same way about my husband. When he has to work late just one night, my girls and I miss him so much. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the military wives who live without their husbands for so many months…where do they find the strength? I always believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder…and Lexie & Mike are living proof!

I don’t have much time for baby and family portraits these days, but I always make time for a couple like Lexie & Mike. It has been such a thrill seeing the result of their marriage and documenting little Bailey’s life so far, from my studio at 8 weeks, to their own neighborhood at 6 months, to the beautiful Naval Academy just recently at 2 years old. Looking at all of these images together is like watching a time lapse movie of a flower in bloom. Simply amazing.



The Mitzvahs Are Coming!

After over twenty years of shooting weddings, I recently decided that it was time to mix it up. As much as I love the excitement of gearing up for a nonstop action packed wedding day, the physical and mental stress of so many of those consecutive Saturdays is starting to take its toll on me and my family. Bar & Bat Mitzvah coverage is broken up into separate parts ~ the creative portrait session, traditional portraits at the synogogue, the service, and the reception. Most often, photography is not allowed during the service, so hey, I may actually be able to make my kids’ swim meets or soccer games more than once this summer!

With a little bit of advertising and a lot of word of mouth from the sisterhood (thanks, girls!) I have three great Mitzvahs on the books for 2012, and they are all just around the corner! It’s been such a thrill getting to know Phillip, Jake & Lena and their families, and creating these beautiful portraits. I look forward to parts two and three!

Kitty & Tom

Well, it’s great to finally get back to blogging after what I thought would be a brief hiatus. I can’t believe we are already into the second quarter of a new year!

2012 has been packed from the get go with all kinds of photo shoots, album design and production, marketing projects and networking events, and of course, fun stuff like accounting and tax preparation. I always lament the fact that there is no slow season anymore, but really, anyone who owns their own business knows that being busy is the greatest source of inspiration and motivation there is. I can’t imagine what I would do with myself the day I sat down at my desk without a to-do list. (in the back of my mind I know the answer would be to clean my house!)

My first shoot of the year was a birthday gift for Tom Stoner from his wife, Kitty. We photographed their daughter Alden & Ethan’s most fabulous wedding at their beautiful home and garden back in 2009.  It was such a joy to capture Tom and Kitty’s passion for art, nature and each other on such a gorgeous winter day. And such an honor that they chose me and my work to be a part of their most amazing art collection. Here are just a few of my favorites from that great day.